Film: Booked First Feature

So it’s with great excitement that I get to share how I booked my first feature film amidst scrambling ‘organic’ eggs while simultaneously brewing some Hawaiian Kona coffee from my dudes at Empire Coffee & Tea Co.  (I’ve never written a more pretentious statement… but I like what I like). My dear friend who used to work in a coffee shop Shia LaBeouf would frequent out in California told me this stuff sells for the large bills.  I’m talkin’ multiples of five. It’s delicious with a fork-full of unrefined coconut oil (okay, that was the most pretentious sentence…)

It’s been a great week of artistic exploration but also one of personal gain.  I’ve had fun submitting to a slew of auditions so far in 2016.  Fun is the key.  I’m trained; intentional. I’ve spent a decade working largely for free. Now let’s have fun with it, right?  Let’s make folks feel something.  Tap into something larger.  And hold myself responsible to knowing what I offer is unique and professional.  Interesting and independently fascinating.

The truth of the matter is: we’re all independently fascinating.  We just need to get out of our own way. Unlock opportunities.

The fun detail from this week is I received a phone call in the middle of preparing for a wonderfully active day: I booked my first feature film.  A small part.  But hell yeah.  I get to help tell a story.  And that‘s a fact I’m damn proud of.

More details to follow–stay tuned!