New Doors Have Opened: Spad Nugget has launched!

It’s with great excitement that I announce a formal move into the producing circuit with the launch of SPAD NUGGET.  SPAD NUGGET is a multi-media production company focused on generating creative content specifically for social media and artists’ portfolios, objectively decreasing cost and increasing lolz.

The company is inspired from an infamous nugget, known far and wide by the citizens of the Flemington province of Newest Jersey. Approved by the FDA, the nugget is known for building anticipation, used by the United States Military as emergency rations and to boost morale, and rumored to be satisfying to revisit after being put to fridge.

Current projects include: professionally recorded casting submissions for television and film, archival and live concert recording, independent film development and production, SAG New Media projects including the upcoming [Blank] My Life, and social media content for shows managed by Davenport Theatrical Enterprises (including New World Stages Avenue Q and Deaf West’s Spring Awakening)

For business inquiries, please contact or visit